Red cabbage and carrot slaw recipe tossed with an incredible apple cider vinaigrette this tangy slaw is light crunchy refreshing and serves perfectly as a side dish or even an appetizer.

Orange carrot cake with classic cream cheese frosting recipe add some citrusy zing to traditional carrot cake by adding orange zest and orange juice to the batter before baking for an extra punch of flavor try adding some zest to the homemade cream cheese icing as well.

When i make this cake i bake it in 2 9 prime round pans i follow the direction to the letter but when it rsquo s cooled off and i loosen the sides to take the cakes out the whole cake comes out but it breaks in half so easily the cake isn rsquo t stuck to the bottom of the pan but part of the cake comes out and the other comes out separately.

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My problem is that i rsquo ve tried to bake a victoria sponge cake in one 8in deep tin but it was very heavy and sank in the middle i need a chocolate vanilla sponge and carrot cake recipe suitable to bake in a 12 9 and 6 inch tin respective i would appreciate any advise thanks lorraine.