Classic deviled eggs are easy to make and only take a few simple ingredients hard boiled eggs mayonnaise and mustard along with a little seasoning its also easy to customize the flavors by adding an ingredient like pickle relish boil the eggs ahead of time and stash them in the fridge to make assembly quicker double the recipe if youre.

When i make deviled eggs i usually make 4 6 varieties at a time worcestershire is a great background flavor for a few types of eggs and i love the savory flavor it brings for something similar in approach try a little beef broth if you like sweet but not pickles try habanero or jalapeno relish they aren rsquo t very hot but add lots of flavor.

Put the eggs in a small saucepan and cover them by at least an inch with cool water bring the water with the eggs in it to a full boil cover the pot and take the whole thing cover included off the heat let the eggs sit still covered for 7 minutes set a timer.