This is a recipe for exceptionally fluffy coconut rice no gluggy coconut milk scum left on the surface each grain is clean and fluffy make it asian restaurant style by adding pandan leaves or kaffir lime leaves.

Coconut rice combine 1 14 ounce can coconut milk and 1 2 cup water in a medium pot bring to a low boil add 1 cup basmati rice and a pinch of salt stir to combine cover then turn the heat down to the lowest setting possible.

Chipotle rsquo s cilantro lime rice and of course you can make your own burrito bowl with my quick black bean recipe barbacoa beef sweet barbacoa pork pork carnitas or chicken ropa vieja and don rsquo t forget the corn salsa how do you make chipotle rsquo s white rice start by cooking your rice in salted water with a little oil.

This 30 minute coconut milk braised chicken with sweet potatoes and rice is a fusion of thai and indian flavors it rsquo s the perfect bowl of warming comfort food that rsquo s also healthy hellip and so delicious.

The lime oils in the zest will infuse the rice with lime flavor as it cooks at the very end after the rice is cooked and fluffed youll add in chopped fresh cilantro and lime juice video cilantro lime rice.

Add the lime leaves salt and sugar and bring to a simmer add chicken and simmer 4 5 minutes add shrimp cook for 2 3 minutes add coconut milk simmer until heated through do not boil this too long or you will lose the lovely sweetness from the coconut milk ndash just gently warm add lime juice starting with a 1 lime and add more to taste.

Cilantro lime scroll to the bottom of the post for the printable recipe card 1 herb lemon rice 1 cup basmati rice 1 tablespoon coconut oil or butter frac14 teaspoon salt frac12 lemon zested 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 teaspoon dried oregano 2 cups stock chicken or vegetable frac12 lemon juiced after cooking 2.

Put a small pot of rice to cook on stove in a small sauce pan simmer shallot in vinegar on low heat until vinegar reduces almost completely about 5 minutes add coconut milk frac12 of the lime zest save the rest for garnish the smashed lemongrass and the ginger and simmer gently on medium low heat for 5 minutes do not over boil.

An alternative to coconut quinoa would be plain quinoa millet coconut rice or white or brown rice curry slightly adapted from tyler florence coconut quinoa adapted from cookie and kate nutrition information is a rough estimate this recipe is inspired by both thai and indian flavors the vegetables used are more common in thai curries.

Coconut lime chicken curry soup i created this chicken recipe to replicate the flavors of my favorite curry dish mdash slightly sweet with just the right amount of spicy heat when served with a garnish of green onions and toasted coconut the soup makes the perfect cold weather meal mdash lisa renshaw kansas city missouri.

Coconut curry sauce heat the olive oil over medium heat add garlic ginger and lemongrass saute for 5 minutes add brown sugar and curry paste saute for 3 minutes add coconut milk season with fish sauce and lime juice to taste add spinach stir into the sauce until wilted serve place salmon over rice cover with sauce lime juice.

Imagine a silky coconut sauce filled with fragrant lemongrass warming ginger and a kick of heat from the curry oh yes it rsquo s real and it rsquo s happening.

In addition to the slow cooker coconut curry chicken we also cooked up some lightly sauteed onions and peppers and a side of brown rice don rsquo t forget to give a lime wedge a big squeeze at the end because it really makes the flavor of this recipe.

I used full fat coconut milk 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 5 tbsp ginger and 2 tbsp curry powder everything else was per the recipe we had it over rice and it was delicious this was my first time cooking yellow lentils and i found them at an indian market they were good and held their shape well.

Thai coconut soup toppings i highly recommend toppings for this coconut curry soup at the very least fresh coriander cilantro and lime juice is a must it just adds that little hit of freshness that makes all the difference.

The combination of crushed pineapple combined with spicy red chili flakes and refreshing lime juice make this rice truly the best crushed pineapple adds sweetness and texture while the red pepper flakes balance out the sweetness and lime juice adds freshness.