Breading and pan frying veal cutlets is a classic and delicious way of preparing veal the result is perfectly coated browned and tender veal cutlets that are easily made with a simple three step process the veal is dipped into flour then egg and finally breadcrumbs assuring a crispy coating.

Flip cutlets and fry until other side is browned and crisp about 3 minutes longer transfer to paper towels to drain and season with salt right away repeat with remaining cutlets serve immediately with 5 minute radicchio and watercress salad and lemon wedges on the side if desired.

German pork schnitzel pork schnitzel also called jaegerschnitzel is one of germanys most popular dishes this simple meal consists of crispy pan fried breaded pork cutlets with a brown mushroom gravy the pork and gravy are often served with a dollop of lingonberry jam lemon wedges buttered parsley potatoes a simple potato salad or french fries but its versatile.