Cucumber tomato salad is a classic salad light cooling and oh so refreshing this easy salad is made with sliced cucumbers juicy tomatoes and enhanced with slivers of red onion and a tangy vinaigrette dressing serve cucumber tomato onion salad next to grilled or roasted meats or fish such as marinated beef or chicken kabobs grilled salmon or pork hellip.

Ingredients for tomato avocado salad this salad is loaded with veggies juicy tomatoes crisp cucumber creamy avocado and the cilantro and lemon juice make the whole salad so fresh and flavorful p s if you aren rsquo t keen on cilantro fresh dill is a good substitute how to make cucumber tomato avocado salad 1.

Fresh tomato cucumber salad garnished with red onion and fresh basil one of our favorite fresh and healthy side dishes there rsquo s almost nothing i love more than fresh garden tomatoes come tomato season you rsquo ll find me snacking on all things tomato including tomato basil mozzarella toast tomato avocado melt or a buddha bowl with extra tomatoes.

Ingredients for lettuce and tomato salad this lettuce salad ingredients are simple to a greek salad recipe minus feta olives and pepper cucumbers any type of cucumbers pickle dill garden long english persian peeled or not work tomatoes any type of full grown grape or cherry tomatoes work i love local beefsteak and roma for a good garden salad.

Mediterranean cucumber and tomato salad where i grew up we call this simple mediterranean salad recipe salata it is an everyday salad made typically of three key ingredients tomatoes cucumbers and parsley and seasoned simply with kosher salt although i like to add sumac for a little tang and depth the traditional mediterranean salad dressing here is hellip.

For more easy salad recipes be sure to check out my favorite caesar salad and tomato salad recipes why you will love this easy cucumber salad recipe easy side dish this quick easy recipe is the perfect side salad for any meat fish or poultry dish.

Creamy cucumber salad is a refreshing summertime staple at any picnic barbecue or potluck crisp cucumbers and fresh summery dill all tossed in a simple sour cream dressing this easy recipe is made in a snap with ingredients hellip.

We have a cucumber and tomato salad in azerbaijan called choban salad choban means shepherd in azerbaijani it rsquo s said that the salad was good for shepherds to snack on it lasts in warm weather and is filling tomatoes onions cucumbers basil cilantro and dill the dressing is lemon oil and vinegar.

Kachumber indian cucumber salad is an easy to make side dish that calls for the unbeatable summer combo of cucumber tomato and onion.

So i whip up some hummus and pull the leftover bunch of parsley from passover the other half of cucumber from last night rsquo s salad a tomato onion a lemon that fell off my tree and some olive oil and salt and poof ndash a celebration meal i also picked some mint and copped that up for the salad mdash very nice.

There rsquo s nothing better than warm weather and a good meal this fresh and easy cucumber salad is a perfect addition to any cookout from seafood to grilled meat these paper thin slices of cucumber are tossed in a light vinegar mixture let them marinate for a few hours to heighten the flavor profile pair our cucumber vinegar salad with grilled chicken or teriyaki hellip.

Avocado salad recipe ingredients english cucumber persian or pole cucumbers work too just keep in mind you rsquo ll want to peel those with a thicker waxy skin first grape tomatoes i like to use a multi color blend but if you can rsquo t find them just red are fine cherry tomatoes may be substituted red onion if you want a milder flavor then rinse the red onion in hellip.

This salad was born of having absolutely nothing in my refrigerator to eat at least that rsquo s exactly what it feels like when i open the refrigerator doors and find lettuce and a hunk of cucumber almost past strawberries and a little nugget of feta from a few nights past.

Greek feta traditionally made from sheeps milk although sometimes a little goats milk is blended in salty and tangy with a lemony flavor and usually rich and creamy although versions with more goats milk tend to be more crumbly unfortunately this cheese may be hard to come by because of the unpasteurized milk restrictions and high demand in its own hellip.