Chicken salad bursts with sweet flavor when you add juicy grapes to a classic recipe simply flavored with mayo salt and pepper and studded with celery sliced scallion and halved grapes this chicken salad is perfect for serving on top of hellip.

This recipe makes a bulk batch of chicken salad with grapes and walnuts which is enough for 6 8 sandwiches elizabeth sized sandwiches i don rsquo t mess around if you want less adjust the ingredients accordingly other chicken salad recipes southwest chicken salad with avocado curried chicken salad with apples and raisins.

Part pasta salad part fruit salad and part chicken salad mdash this is a completely original spin on a summer favorite the dressing on this chicken salad really sets it apart from the pack its made with light mayonnaise dijon mustard sour cream curry powder and wait for hellip.

Curry chicken salad is wonderful in pita pockets with a simple salad on the side it also makes a great meal when mixed with cooked cubed potatoes grapes walnuts and chicken come together in a creamy mayo sour cream dressing toss this tasty salad in 20 minutes and serve it on bread lettuce leaves or with mixed greens with slices of.

Healthy chicken salad recipe my goal with this healthy chicken salad was to keep it super simple so we can pull it off any time cold and creamy with celery and red onion this healthy salad is flavorful protein packed and tasty during our southern california road trip i had chicken salad for lunch at legoland while an 8 oz serving cost us 10 and made my teeth hellip.

The first is a chicken salad mixed with all kinds of fun ingredients mdash grapes celery you name it mdash all held together with creamy mayonnaise the second is your typical chicken salad maybe with grilled or shredded chicken on a bed of lettuce with all kinds of delicious salad toppings and dressings.

Cashew curry chicken salad my husband and i fell hard for the curried chicken salad from our grocery store deli and i knew i could find a way to make something similar this greek yogurt chicken salad has become one of our favorites to take on trips to the beach mdash janine cooper moren portland oregon.

The best classic chicken salad recipe is flavorful with simple ingredients chicken celery mayonnaise green onions and a little lemon juice make this salad taste like heaven feel free to add in whatever you want but this is great just as it is you can eat this as a sandwich or for a low carb and make a keto chicken salad by eating it in lettuce wraps or by itself.

Serve chicken salad on croissants dinner rolls baguette crackers or even white bread for a more wholesome low carb dish make lettuce wraps you can also serve it on top of sliced cucumbers and bell peppers for a healthy snack to make it a meal serve chicken salad sandwich with a side of corn on the cob or a colorful salad with vinaigrette.

A chicken salad served on fresh bread or baguette is a great lunch option for small groups you might want to add a side dish to your chicken salad if you rsquo re planning to make it for lunch or take it on the go you can make chicken salad with many different ingredients this means it can be paired with many sides.

Grilled chicken curry flatbreads credit victor protasio view recipe grilled chicken curry flatbreads think of this as curried chicken salad served on a grill toasted flatbread the quick pickled carrots can be made ahead and hold well for several days make a double batch to add to salads or sandwiches or even to serve on a cheese board.

Ketogenic curried chicken salad ndash keto summit ingredients chicken breast onion red bell pepper zucchini or cucumber pumpkin seeds blueberries coconut cream curry powder salt cilantro coconut oil lettuce leaves curried chicken salads always taste like they took hours to make but you can have this lunch ready to go in less than.

Air fryer crispy curry drumsticks these air fryer chicken drumsticks are flavorful crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside sometimes ill add some red pepper flakes in addition to the curry powder if i want to spice them up a bit i like to serve them with chicken seasoned rice and boiled broccoli mdash zena furgason norman oklahoma.

I love easy soup recipes like this coconut curry soup just like our most popular soup recipe ndash thai tom yum soup ndash also known as thai hot and sour soup this simple thai soup is bursting with flavor and tastes just like soup from a thai restaurant ndash no need for takeout when you can make this delicious thai coconut soup at home.

Mandarin chicken salad shredded chicken marinated in a lemon vinaigrette is piled high with sweet mandarins avocado and crunchy toppings the perfect throw together salad southwest chicken salad if earthy bold flavors are your jam this salad will have you salivating cilantro lime chicken is topped on a bed of greens tomatoes corn.

With onions garlic curry spices quick easy healthy best roasted cauliflower is roasted curried cauliflower with onions garlic curry spices quick easy healthy spinach salad with roasted grapes and warm bacon vinaigrette 30 mins roasted cauliflower 40 mins chicken peanut curry 60 mins ratings cauliflower steak sandwiches.