Battlefield 2042 bot bugs issues with computer controlled npcs in some situations bots are unable to revive downed players this is a priority issue that will be receiving a fix in a future update.

We encourage you to experiment with all of fanalabs features and report any bugs in this thread we originally designed this software for the podium series wheel bases but as the development scope has grown it now also supports the clubsport wheel base v2 5 and csl elite wheel base as well as improving display functionality on all fanatec steering hellip.

Hades is the latest game from supergiant games the studio that gave us the cult classics bastion transistor and pyre hades takes on the rouge like genre and combines dungeon crawling in a unique game where you hack and slash to survive defy the god of death in this colourful adventure currently hades is in early access and as of february has seen two hellip.