Iconic games portfolio publishing expertise and world class talent accelerates growth in microsoft rsquo s gaming business redmond wash september 21 2020 ndash more than three billion people on the planet play games for fun escape and human connection unlike any other medium games empower people to engage in creativity strategic thinking and teamwork hellip.

In this article version 2 5 was published on july 29 2021 a version history can be found in the change log introduction the xbox accessibility guidelines xags are a set of best practices that have been developed in partnership with industry experts and members of the gaming disability community.

Storage stack optimizations on windows 11 this consists of an upgraded os storage stack that unlocks the full potential of directstorage and on windows 10 games will still benefit from the more efficient use of the legacy os storage stack this means that any game built on directstorage will benefit from the new programming model and gpu.

Microsoft rsquo s game stack exists to bring developers the tools they need to create bold immersive game experiences and dx12 ultimate is the ideal tool to amplify gaming graphics dx12 ultimate is the result of continual investment in the directx 12 platform made over the last five years to ensure that xbox and windows 10 remain at the very.

I was trying to add the package named microsoft entityframeworkcore sqlserver by running the command dotnet add package microsoft entityframeworkcore sqlserver in visual studio code but i get this error package microsoft entityframeworkcore sqlserver 2 0 0 is not compatible with netcoreapp1 1 netcoreapp version v1 1.