Join devfest 2021 the technical event series offered by google developer groups from october through december this year devfest will help local developers learn and connect as a community with google technologies to accelerate local economic impact.

Devfest 2021 inspires local developers to learn and connect as a community by exploring how to use google technology to accelerate economic impact developers from all around the world join their local google developer group chapters for their largest annual event.

Posted by erica hanson global program manager for google developer communities devfest season has officially started from now through the end of the year developers from all around the world are coming together for devfest 2021 the biggest global event for developers focusing on community led learning on google technologies hosted by hellip.

Google is sharing details on its announcements from the google smart home developer summit on its blog most of the new tools are available in hellip.

Posted by jessica dene earley cha mike bifulco and toni klopfenstein developer relations engineers for google assistant weve reached the end of the year and what a year its been between all of our live virtual events including i o developer summits meetups and more there are a lot of highlights for app actions smart home actions and conversational actions.

At the google for games developer summit google finally unveiled the long awaited game dashboard feature for android 12 once this feature rolls out you rsquo ll be able to access a dashboard with.

Google play has the top android applications and games of 2021 ready you can explore them by clicking the best of 2021 banner at the top.

Game developers best of 2021 the top 10 games of the year dec 20 2021 from innovative and introspective indies to triple a games that hit just right heres the game developer staffs picks for the top games of 2021 social app rec room raises 145 million.

Get ready for a special feature drop coming early next year that makes android 12 even better on tablets and foldable devices try 12l today on pixel the android emulator or an eligible device from our device maker partners and optimize for hellip.

Firebase extensions help you deploy functionality to your app quickly with pre packaged solutions once installed a firebase extension performs a specific task or set of tasks in response to https requests cloud scheduler events or to triggering events from other firebase products like cloud firestore or firebase cloud messaging.