Rummaging through my mothers old recipe file recently i stumbled upon a photocopy of a handwritten recipe for zucchini cake the recipe is in my grandmothers hand my dads mom she was the baker in the family a title now passed on to my father.

Make the most of falls harvest with the best squash recipes around from butternut to acorn hubbard to fresh pumpkin these recipes are just like the ones grandma used to make my rolls started out as a basic bread recipe and i adapted it to our tastes they rsquo re perfect with a meal anytime especially in fall roasting really brings.

Zucchini panzanella salad i learned how to make panzanella from my friends grandmother once i discovered how to make the perfect vinaigrette it became a dish i crave during the summer its also a great way to use day old bread and your gardens bounty of zucchini mdash felicity wolf kansas city missouri.

Zucchini is a firm favorite in our family so i am always on the lookout for new and interesting recipes and this one ticks all the boxes we had a barbecue today and i tried this grandmas zucchini squares recipes as an accompaniment it disappeared so fast that i could tell it was as huge hit so will definitely be making it again reply.

When to add the macaroni thicken the sauce i personally prefer a nice thick goulash so i usually let the meat sauce boil down for a little bit before adding the macaroni add your favorites this american goulash recipe is versatile and you can easily add whatever you like extra veggies like mushrooms or shredded zucchini swap out ground beef for other hellip.