Grandma rsquo s creamy italian cucumber salad is just as easy to make as her traditional classic cucumber salad but with an italian twist we love the addition of two kinds of fresh tomatoes zesty seasonings and creamy italian dressing in this delicious salad.

During the summer months would have to make both this and my grandmothers recipe for cucumber onion salad 5 or 6 small pickling cucumbers sliced and peeled vidalia onion sliced put both in bowl filled with cold water and salt added making a strong salt solution.

You could also add green bell pepper red or yellow peppers slices of squash or fresh herbs to the mix fresh basil or fresh dill add a burst of flavor there is no wrong way to dress up this salad any kind of onion will work for this cucumber salad recipe i like red or purple onion for the color but any onion you have on hand is great.

Easy lettuce salad recipe with tomato cucumber dill onion olive oil salt pepper and one secret ingredient that makes this green salad the best healthy summer salad other fresh favorites around here are this cucumber and tomato salad chicken lettuce wraps and creamy cucumber salad.

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Grandma rsquo s lime green jello salad recipe with cottage cheese pineapple green pepper cucumber and grated onion it also calls for miracle whip not mayonnaise ndash gives it a bit if a tangy flavor growing up miracle whip salad dressing was referred to as mayonnaise in our household sprinkled with fresh parsley at serving time.

This is a classic midwestern salad that brings back memories of easter brunch and cook outs at my grandma rsquo s house you won rsquo t be disappointed by this 7 layer salad enjoy more salad recipes kale salad recipe a fresh salad with bacon german cucumber salad print.

Grandma rsquo s cottage cheese salad sweet little blue bird salt greek dressing crackers wheat salad hot sauce onion and 14 more summertime cucumber and cottage cheese salad food com.

English cucumber hard boiled eggs garlic bacon mayonnaise and 10 more onion powder dried oregano mayonnaise hard boiled eggs shredded sharp cheddar cheese and 10 more grandmas 7 layer salad fluster buster broccoli iceberg lettuce sharp cheddar cheese mayonnaise frozen peas and 2 more.

Grandma rsquo s canned green beans take undrained cut green beans and dump them straight into a soup pot added to that rsquo s a heapin rsquo helpin rsquo of chopped ham dehydrated onion garlic powder salt pepper chicken broth is added for a real flavor infusion that the beans soak right on up when slow simmered for 30 minutes to an hour.

I remember bowls of tomato and cucumber salad grown by my grandfather creamed corn pinto beans with ham hock and crispy fried chicken when thanksgiving christmas or easter rolled around the number of dishes would double and some platters would have to move from the dining table to the sideboard to make room for table settings.