Tips for grilling lamb loin chops the dry heat of the grill or oven creates amazing browned edges and renders the layer of outer fat in just minutes ideally you rsquo ll want to treat loin chops like a high end steak and cook only to medium rare for the best texture and flavor treat like a steak loin chops are like mini t bone steaks mdash on one side of the chop is the lamb loin on hellip.

Grilled lamb chops infused with rosemary garlic flavours the marinade is made with red wine vinegar which pairs well with lamb because it cuts through the richness of the strong lamb flavour and it tenderises economical cuts of lamb make this with any quick cook cut of lamb chops or steaks.

Place the cooked lamb chops on a plate and cover with foil allow them to rest for 5 minutes before serving what to serve with grilled lamb chops i love serving grilled lamb chops with my spring orzo salad with asparagus and peas the combination is the perfect spring plate check out these other recipes for more side dishes for lamb chops.

It comes out wonderfully juicy and flavorful but sometimes i buy steaks instead either at whole foods or online at us wellness meats another alternative is to buy a boneless leg of lamb slice it yourself into thick slices and quickly fry them in a cast iron skillet lamb steak is a delicious and quick alternative to cooking a whole leg of.

Shoulder this part of the animal works hard so the meat from a lamb rsquo s shoulder is full of flavour it takes a while to become tender but this means it rsquo s a great choice for stewing and slow roasting to maximise the flavour cook lamb shoulder on the bone so the meat simply falls apart when pulled with a fork.

Forequarter chops ndash the most economical option this is lamb shoulder sliced into steak form lamb shoulder is a cut associated with slow cooking like this slow roasted lamb shoulder to break down the tough meat however when cut into thinnish steaks as sold at butchers and grocery stores in australia they make excellent steaks.

A simple excellent recipe for grilled pork shish kabobs see our tips and tricks for flavorful and tender crowd pleasing pork kabobs these pork tenderloin kebabs can be prepped ahead for easy summer entertaining learn how to trim pork tenderloin.

Type of steak look for ribeye strip steak porterhouse t bone steaks etc those steaks will be juicy and tender when cooked quickly choosing the correct cut of meat is the most important thing if you buy a chuck roast or a shoulder blade it will be a really leathery dry and will give your jaws a good workout.

1 shoulder the meat from the hard working shoulder is a super versatile cut it can either be minced or diced for cooking slowly in stews or kept on the bone and slow roasted until tender and falling apart the fillet from the top of the shoulder is just tender enough to be cut into steaks for grilling or barbecuing.