Crispy parmesan and gruyere potato gratin serves 6 people prep time 20 minutes cooking time 1 hr 20 minutes ingredients 1 1 2 cups of heavy cream 2 tsp of kosher salt 3 cloves of garlic minced 1 tbsp of butter 1 small shallot diced 5 medium yukon gold or white potatoes 1 cup of grated gruyere 1 2 cup of grated parmesan 1.

Potato gratin also known as potatoes au gratin au gratin potatoes or gratin dauphinois is the potato version of this thinly sliced potatoes are layered with cream garlic and cheese and finished under the broiler.

Classic potato gratin by claire saffitz photography by christopher testani october 20 2015 4 6 45 read reviews and might have added more parm and gruyere than the recipe called for.

After rounds and rounds of testing weve finally landed on the perfect classic potato gratin also known as scalloped potatoes or au gratin potatoes one thats creamy silky and loaded with flavor to make it thinly sliced russet potatoes are layered with earthy gruyere and nutty sweet parmesan before being slowly baked in a bubbling bath of milk and cream.

To some a gratin is a gratin is a gratin we beg to differ there rsquo s quite the indulgent art to slicing the potatoes just the right thickness so as to become perfectly tender to finding the perfect proportion of heavy cream to cheese and to ensuring the time in the oven is just right so the surface of the gratin turns just the perfect shade of irresistible golden brown.

This french onion potato gratin is a classic mostly delicious and very rich the recipe works perfectly as written and the final dish will please nearly anyone especially when accompanied by a quality grilled steak or roast chicken i might cut the overwhelming richness of the dish a bit next time by using some low sodium chicken broth in place of at least some of hellip.

Heres the idea what if i were to take the creamy interior and the crisp edges to the extreme combining the concept of a hasselback potato mdash that array of crisp ridges at the top mdash with a creamy potato gratin the king of all casseroles what if indeed.

Keeping the potato skins on saves time no worrying about oxidization discoloration or soaking peeled slices in water and losing precious starch that helps thicken your gratin makes slicing more stable no slippery peeled surface and doesn rsquo t detract from the end result mdash the potatoes were so soft that none of us remembered that the.

Working with 1 yukon gold potato at a time peel then cut into 1 8 inch thick rounds and place in bowl with water repeat with sweet potatoes combine cream butter and garlic in medium saucepan.

These adorable potato gratin stacks are the mini version of potatoes au gratin dauphinoise layers of thinly sliced potato baked in a muffin tin with cream cheese garlic and thyme the best bit are the crusty caramelised cheesy edges.

For best results bake the gratin let it stand for at least fifteen minutes and then reheat it before serving the second oven pass makes the gratin taste even better and gives the crust a crunchier crispier layer use a 9 x 12 inch gratin or hellip.

I rsquo m always eager to see what ina garten posts on instagram but i rsquo ve been especially tuned in this past week that rsquo s because she rsquo s been sharing the dishes she rsquo ll be cooking for her micro thanksgiving mdash and they all look incredible green beans were up first followed by mashed sweet potatoes and a savory bread pudding but the dish that really caught my eye hellip.

The resort at paws up rsquo s executive chef sunny jin has a serious food world pedigree napa valley rsquo s french laundry spain rsquo s el bulli his latest endeavor perfecting dishes like this fabulous hasselback potato gratin your whole family will love it mdash and its the perfect side dish for thanksgiving and christmas too.

Ldquo rub an earthenware gratin dish with smashed peeled garlic and butter layer overlapping slices of potato cut 1 8 inch thick season with salt pepper and thyme leaves make another layer of potato slices and season again moisten with cream cream and chicken stock or milk to the top level of the top layer of potatoes.

Au gratin is defined as a dish prepared with cheese butter and cooked in the oven or broiler so any ingredient cooked with this method is au gratin au gratin potatoes are a casserole of thinly sliced potatoes and often garlic and onions cooked in hellip.

Key tips for making potatoes au gratin peel and slice the potatoes into inch thick pieces for even cooking i recommend using a mandoline overlap half the potatoes to create a base spread the sauce cheese and repeat infuse more flavor by adding gruyere and cheddar cheese into the sauce and sprinkling extra between the layers.

Herby cabbage and potato gratin with gruyere and ricotta the cheesy roast yotam ottolenghi rsquo s herby cabbage and potato bake with gruyere and ricotta photograph louise hagger for the guardian.

Whisk the potato starch into the cream pour the heated cream into a large bowl with the potato slices mix gently until potatoes are coated add gruyere and parmesan to the potatoes season with a little bit of salt and pepper toss gently to mix spoon a little bit of cream into the bottom of the casserole dish use slotted spoon to add the.

There are lovable newcomers like poblano potato bundles and french onion potato soup plus a few notable holiday sides like perfect potatoes au gratin and as with any potato dish each of these ideas is bound to pair well with just about any steak dinner or meat entree.