The powershell scripts in this blog enable you to create a new ad user password and change its expiration date test credentials change administrator and service account passwords reset passwords in bulk set a password that never expires and even force a password change at next logon.

Create a self signed certificate using powershell image credit russell smith but generating self signed certificates in windows has traditionally been a hellip.

Create an azure ad service principal for azure ad ds to communicate and authenticate itself a specific application id is used named domain controller services with an id of 6ba9a5d4 8456 4118 b521 9c5ca10cdf84 dont change this application id create an azure ad service principal using the new azureadserviceprincipal cmdlet.

Summary use windows powershell to force office 365 online users to change their passwords hey scripting guy i used your technique from yesterday to create a bunch of office 365 users online and now i want to force them to change their passwords if i could also make them use a complex password that would be great.

Change to the directory in which you want to work all files will be created in this directory copy cnf and sh to your working directory step 2 create certificates run certgen sh create root and intermediate this creates the following files in the certs directory azure iot test only chain ca cert pem azure iot test only.

Creating a new registry key by using windows powershell is the same as creating a new file or a new folder all three processes use the new item cmdlet in addition you might use the test path cmdlet to determine if the registry key already exists you may also want to change your working location to one of the registry drives.

Reviewing the management tasks of manage office 365 users passwords using powershell in office 365 environment 1 configure office 365 users passwords to a specific mailbox or to all mailboxes bulk mode 2 display information about hellip.

This powershell script will query active directory and return all computers that have not been logged in to for the past 30 days you can easily change this default value in the script it also will remove those accounts to keep your ad clean.

Would you like to learn how to generate random passwords using powershell in this tutorial we are going to show you how to use powershell to generate a random password on a computer running windows bull windows 2012 r2 hellip.

Before using the script import the csv file in powershell it rsquo s an excellent way to check if it rsquo s readable and if you rsquo re all set good to know about delimiter is the delimiter showing as a comma or semicolon in the csv file you need to know that if you are going to use the powershell script in the next step.

Powershell also has another excellent command to test network connectivity called test netconnection test netconnection is the successor to test connection and provides a lot of different ways to check network connectivity from a lot of various angles at its basic level it merely needs a value for the computername parameter.

3 create a new partition format the volume and add a drive letter the next step is to create a new partition in this case were going to create a single partition covering the entire drive then format the volume using the ntfs file system and give the hellip.

Sometimes we can create the data from zero in this example we show how to create data using the random function in this article we generated millions of first names and last names random integer values real values with specific ranges random passwords random emails using first and last names and random country names.

I have finally finished work on the get adreplaccount cmdlet the newest addition to my dsinternals powershell module that can retrieve reversibly encrypted plaintext passwords password hashes and kerberos keys of all user accounts from remote domain controllers this is achieved by simulating the behavior of the dcromo tool and creating a replica of active hellip.

Tested on windows powershell 5 0 5 1 6 0 0 9 6 0 0 10 powershell mac os x 6 0 0 9 beginning in windows powershell 5 0 you can create powershell classes in scripts and modules to create different versions of a class its best to place the class in a module and use the versioning features of the module to create versions of your class.

Using saved passwords from secret vault in powershell scripts now you can use saved passwords in your powershell scripts and commands for example one of my customers is using a dozen of accounts for each administrator and different services tasks for security and administrative account protection reasons.

And then the much less documented newer set of commands based on the newer azure ad 2 0 module installed using install module name azuread which is then also reliant upon using powershell 3 0 or above for example the instructions change right off the bat you connect to azure ad using connect azuread instead of connect msolservice.

It is very important distinction to remember because a cmdlet pronounced command let under version 5 0 may not show up at all in sqlps exe or be missing new features that were added this method to accessing a sql server instance is for those one liner situations but will admit that sqlps is rather slow to work with at times so don rsquo t get in too big hellip.