Kohlrabi and carrot slaw this cool crunchy slaw is the perfect home for kohlrabi go to recipe 3 10 kohlrabi bistro salad borrowing flavors from the classic french frisee and poached egg bistro salad this salad departs from the expected snarl of frilly greens and instead starts with a base of crunchy julienne cut kohlrabi.

The afrikaans word for cabbage gives us a clue kool because coleslaw originates in the netherlands where it was known as koolsla as early as the 17th century in hellip.

Kohlrabi and cabbage salad with maple lemon dressing this is no ordinary salad mdash it is a multi layered slaw that can be made ahead and will knock guests rsquo socks off when they taste it both the kohlrabi and cabbage remain crunchy even after sitting in hellip.

Options include their cajun rice red rice and beans cole slaw and corn on the cob kohlrabi also known as german turnip is a cruciferous vegetable hellip.

Apple radish slaw page 11 of the love lemons cookbook this simple slaw will pep up any thanksgiving menu seasoned with lime and cilantro it rsquo s not a traditional holiday side dish but it still contrasts beautifully with classics like hellip.

Kohlrabi cucumber and tomato salad this chilled refreshing salad is wonderful on hot days it has a nice crunch and a delicious balance of sweet and spicy flavors mdash kristina segarra yonkers new york easy asian style chicken slaw from the first time i made this chicken dish i knew it was a winner mdash the bowl came back to the kitchen.