The way i do this is to setup an organizational until ou where computers will get the laps policy and a read only group and a read write group because laps is a push process i e because the laps client on the computer is the one to set the password and push it to ad the computer rsquo s self object in ad needs to have permission to write to ad.

We need to confirm the following before we go ahead with the microsoft laps configuration 1 client operating systems windows server 2019 windows server 2016 windows 10 windows server 2012 r2 windows server 2012 windows server 2008 r2 windows server 2008 windows server 2003 windows 7 windows 8 windows vista windows 8 1.

Microsoft local administrator password solution laps provides automated local administrator account management for every computer in active directory laps is best for workstation local admin passwords a client side component installed on every computer generates a random password updates the new laps password attribute on the associated hellip.

Part 3 how can desired state configuration increase deployment quality on azure devops azure portal or azure automatio 2 093 azure desired state configuration part 2 4.

Microsoft laps prerequisites to install microsoft laps you rsquo ll need at least one management computer and at least one client computer in my case i am installing the microsoft laps on my domain controller there are some client machines that are part of domain we will be deploying the laps software to these client machines as well.

Configuring group policy in part 2 of this series how to set up microsoft laps local administrator password solution in active directory we installed the management tools if you rsquo re using a management station you rsquo ll want to run one of the laps installers either x86 or x64 and make sure that the gpo editor templates are selected as part of the install.

Active directory domain deployment checklist during an ad ds greenfield installations system engineers always need checklists to keep up with what they should be doing to stand up a new domain this checklist is a working checklist one that has been created here for peer review and peer additions.

The microsoft local administrator password solution laps allows organizations to securely rotate the local administrator passwords for their desktops laptops tablets and servers in this article i rsquo ll cover several of the most frequently asked questions i rsquo ve received about laps.

Update 25 august 2021 please note that this blog post dates from 2018 and there have been major updates to the azure components used in this solution currently more up to date and enhanced community tools are also available i would suggest looking into cloudlaps by nickolaja original content i rsquo m excited to introduce a serverless local hellip.

6 25 20 breaking update intunebackupandrestore v2 0 0 released which relies on the microsoft graph intune powershell module instead of msgraphfunctions thanks to community feedback and with the version 2 0 0 release of the intunebackupandrestore powershell module the msgraphfunctions powershell module is now deprecated and will no hellip.

One of the challenges faced by workstation administrators is to manage the local administrator account in large environment one of the options was to use group policy preferences but that was before kb2962486 removed the possibility to set password using group policy preferences since then microsoft as come up with a solution local administrator hellip.

Microsoft has detected multiple 0 day exploits being used to attack on premises versions of microsoft exchange server in limited and targeted attacks in the attacks observed threat actors used this vulnerability to access on premises exchange servers which enabled access to email accounts and install additional malware to facilitate long.

It is highly recommended to use intune as the mdm authority and not configuration manager set your mdm authority to set up your mdm authority you cannot change this setting once done from the microsoft azure portal all hellip.

Microsoft offers several methods of deploying language packs for office 365 before deployment a business should review its infrastructure and rules governing employee access to settings this guide assumes that a business has already deployed office 365 but wishes to add new languages for their employees.

A secure windows configuration ndash i recommend implementing microsoft rsquo s security baseline and sean metcalf rsquo s guide to developing a secure baseline this 1809 in my case baseline by itself does not guarantee complete lock down but it is a great start for a the paw configuration baseline active directory users groups and ou rsquo s.

Tip 1 use microsoft local administrator password solution laps microsoft local administrator password solution laps is a microsoft tool that gives ad administrators the ability to manage the local account password of domain joined computers and store them in ad when implemented via group policy laps creates a random password of a defined hellip.

Cisco mobility express deployment guide release 8 7 cisco wireless mesh access points design and deployment guide release 8 8 13 jun 2019 ap4800 hyperlocation deployment guide 10 aug 2018.

4 micro focus configuration management system ndash best configuration management database cmdb the hybrid it dashboard charts out various summaries of data like fulfillment and offerings micro focus configuration management system is a universal cmdb with hybrid it and cloud discovery tools service modeling and service impact analysis.

To start deployment of the microsoft defender for identity sensor for ad fs server download the latest deployment package from the sensor configuration page version includes improvements and bug fixes for internal sensor infrastructure defender for identity release 2 135 released december 20 2020.

Get a list of all microsoft teams teams using powershell in this blog post i will show you how to get a list of all microsoft teams teams using powershell the microsoft teams powershell module allows us to manage and configure ms teams.

The configuration computer administrative template network network provider hardened unc path review the following post by lee stevens for details on the unc hardening path to help define this setting for your environment internet explorer process only computer gpo if you have user gpo for internet explorer in the security zone adding the hellip.

I decided to spend some time implementing laps in my lab as it is microsoft rsquo s solution to local administrator account password management why would i want something like this in my environment great question most organizations probably use the same password maybe a slightly modified password based on each client hellip maybe that ensures that the people hellip.

This is the third post in my series on setting up a basic always on vpn deployment in this post i will be covering the configuration of the vpn server and the nps server i will also talk about the network and firewall configuration links to each individual post in this series can be found below always on vpn ndash basic deployment guide.

This avoids the need to play a prediction game for an entire deployment network or subnet mdash only the destination resource needs to provide the necessary access controls azure network security groups can be used for basic layer 3 and 4 access controls between azure virtual networks their subnets and the internet.

However this standalone sensor can rsquo t collect event tracing for windows etw log entries which use for multiple detections microsoft rsquo s recommendation is to install sensors on domain controllers and adfs servers for best results microsoft 365 defender portal ndash defender for identity is a product under microsoft 365 defender suite it.

Active directory anleitung appv5 autopilot azure azure ad configmgr deployment fehler first look gpo gruppenrichtlinien guide how to kmu kostenlos lifecycle linux mct mdt microsoft microsoft intune microsoft windows 7 r ms exchange 2013 office office365 office 2013 powershell public preview sccm2012r2 scsm2012r2 servicemgr hellip.

Microsoft made a big step forward in the modern management field limitations like custom configurations or even win32 app installs can be addressed now microsoft developed an ems agent aka sidecar and released it as a new intune feature called intune management extension this agent is able to manage and execute powershell scripts on hellip.

The network configuration protocol netconf uses extensible markup language xml to install manipulate and delete configuration to network devices other southbound apis are onepk a cisco proprietary sbi to inspect or modify the network element configuration without hardware upgrades.