Password is grayed out in gpedit msc control panel local user new local user update but i am unable to change the password its showing password option grayed out password and confirm password option is grayed out how do i fix this issue i have attached the screen shot kris.

Elevated command prompt run gpedit msc navigate to computer configuration windows settings security settings local policies security options enable user account control admin approval mode for the built in administrator account reboot and try again not sure exactly why but this fixes the issue for me.

Windows default power plans are the default power plans included with windows to help diagnose missing or grayed out power options as explained in this guide in the control panel go to system and security power options disable some privacy settings in windows 10.

Before we directly jump on the solution to fix this lsquo not junk option grayed out outlook 2013 rsquo issue it is important to learn its cause.

To open group policy editor type this text in the open box and click ok gpedit msc next open this policy location within group policy editor computer configuration administrative templates windows components file history select file history on the left of the window double click the turn off file history policy.

The corresponding value in the settings app will be grayed out and users wont be able to change it the default state of both options is not configured if your windows 11 edition doesnt include the gpedit msc tool you can apply the following registry tweak disable sleep password in windows 11 registry without modern standby.

Windows 10 rsquo s ldquo windows defender application guard rdquo feature runs the microsoft edge browser in an isolated virtualized container even if a malicious website exploited a flaw in edge it couldn rsquo t compromise your pc application guard is disabled by default.

1 press the windows key r to open the run dialog box type gpedit msc and press enter 2 navigate to computer configuration administrative templates system logon 3 on the right side double click on turn on pin sign in and select disable or change the value to 0 note similarly disable the other windows hello options if any 4.

Start by finding the msc file you created for controlling policies for those particular users double click to open it and allow it to make changes to your pc if you just have one user account on your pc you can open the regular local group policy editor instead by clicking start typing ldquo gpedit msc rdquo and then hitting enter.

What else worth checking out thank you point 4 was the case checking the required services it sorted out that dns client was not started and altogether grayed out i had to start it from command line on the other hand looks not so uncommon so i would place this point as another point to check for but earlier in the article.

Use citrix workspace app to change the screen resolution on their virtual desktops you cannot change the screen resolution using windows control panel keyboard input in desktop viewer in desktop viewer sessions windows logo key l is directed to the local computer ctrl alt delete is directed to the local computer.

Go to the user accounts control panel by typing netplwiz in the search bar select the account uncheck the box next to users must enter a username and password to use this computer youll get.

I have created a template with all the required queries and applied steps i.

To do so click the start menu and type gpedit feb 17 2020.