It seems like youre having issues communicating with pypi i think you might be able to circumvent these ssl issues if you pass trusted host pypi python org trusted host files pythonhosted org trusted host pypi org to pip when using it that said that can open you up to potential security issues.

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Suppose you rsquo re using python and want to build an executable that your windows users can run with a single double click use cx freeze or pyinstaller to convert your python code to a exe file cx freeze allows you to set environment variables during installation while pyinstaller will enable you to freeze your code without thinking about all.

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Python ide having finished my first year at university and being left with very little to do this summer i eventually found myself diving back into the wonders of the programming world teaching m.

Object detection with deep learning and opencv in the first part of today rsquo s post on object detection using deep learning we rsquo ll discuss single shot detectors and mobilenets when combined together these methods can be used for super fast real time object detection on resource constrained devices including the raspberry pi smartphones etc.

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