We recommend these changes only if you plan to use laps managed local accounts for remote administration note also that the local policy scripts included with the windows 1803 and 1809 baseline packages include ldquo non domain rdquo options that hellip.

The microsoft local administrator password solution laps allows organizations to securely rotate the local administrator passwords for their desktops laptops tablets and servers in this article i rsquo ll cover several of the most frequently asked questions i rsquo ve received about laps.

As you might recall microsoft offered a solution to systems administrators to set the local administrator password on domain joined devices using group policy preferences but ended the solution almost a year ago when the encoding mechanism was decoded and an attack was created towards this vulnerability cve 2014 1812 introducing laps yesterday hellip.

Deny remote use of local admin credentials to log into systems do not allow domain user accounts to be in the local administrators group multiple systems 003 2018 december 10 remote use of local accounts laps hellip.

Laps uses local accounts for remote computer management in a way that offers some advantages over using domain accounts to learn more see remote use of local accounts laps changes everything to get started using laps download local administrator password solution laps microsoft advanced threat analytics ata is an on premises hellip.

5 use local administrator password solution ldaps local administrator password solution laps is becoming a popular tool to handle the local admin password on all computers laps is a microsoft tool that provides management of local account passwords of domain joined computers.

Instead it leverages the credentials that youve already used to log on to your local machine to use windows defender remote credential guard the remote desktop client and server must meet the following requirements must be joined to an active directory domain and be in the same domain or a domain with a trust relationship.

After all finding the local admin account to use is not that hard of a task in addition to the above information review the guidance in the link below it talks about default acls for when staging machine accounts best practices for staging said machine accounts and other scenarios where some users can read passwords for some computers.

Active directory security effectively begins with ensuring domain controllers dcs are configured securely at blackhat usa this past summer i spoke about ad for the security professional and provided tips on how to best secure active directory this post focuses on domain controller security with some cross over into active directory security the blog is hellip.

Managing accounts and computers is made much easier when applying role based management settings to security groups versus making changes to each and every account and object singularly 3.

I wrote a function a while back that is used to query a local group on a remote or local system or systems and based on the ndash depth parameter will perform a recursive query for all members of that group to include local and domain groups and users i felt that it was something worth sharing out just in case someone has a need for it.

Bull suspicious group membership changes bull suspicious sid history injection if the attacker has access to privileged accounts he can go further and compromise the rest of the systems to have full control over the infrastructure if it rsquo s a hybrid setup the attacker can try to extend the attack to the cloud resources.

The lsa which includes the local security authority server service lsass process validates users for local and remote sign ins and enforces local security policies the windows 8 1 operating system provides additional protection for the lsa to prevent reading memory and code injection by non protected processes.

This allows the transfer of azure ad devices to the local active directory however these are not normal computer accounts as is the case with a hybrid join however this function is required for ldquo conditional access rdquo with adfs protected access azure ad devices can be used as an authentication factor just like ad devices.

The use of remote health services soared during the pandemic opening the eyes of many medical providers and patients to telehealth rsquo s convenience efficiency and hellip.

Because of the popularity of my first blog post deep dive microsoft intune management extension powershell scripts ive decided to write a second post regarding intune management extension to further explain some architecture behind this feature and upcoming question from the community a deeper understanding helps to successful troubleshoot the hellip.

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