Setting up local administrator password solution laps posted on october 8 2016 by boe prox i decided to spend some time implementing laps in my lab as it is microsoft rsquo s solution to local administrator account password management.

Configuring group policy in part 2 of this series how to set up microsoft laps local administrator password solution in active directory we installed the management tools if you rsquo re using a management station you rsquo ll want to run one of the laps installers either x86 or x64 and make sure that the gpo editor templates are selected as part of the install.

On my domain controller i rsquo m going to run the 64 bit installer laps x64 msi after clicking next for the first two screens and accepting the license agreement you rsquo ll need to ensure that the management tools but not the admpwd gpo extension are set to install on the server local administrator password solution custom setup options for server.

As you might recall microsoft offered a solution to systems administrators to set the local administrator password on domain joined devices using group policy preferences but ended the solution almost a year ago when the encoding mechanism was decoded and an attack was created towards this vulnerability cve 2014 1812 introducing laps yesterday hellip.

The local administrator password solution laps provides a solution to this issue of using a common local account with an identical password on every computer in a domain laps resolves this issue by setting a different random password for the common local administrator account on every computer in the domain.

Tip 1 use microsoft local administrator password solution laps microsoft local administrator password solution laps is a microsoft tool that gives ad administrators the ability to manage the local account password of domain joined computers and store them in ad when implemented via group policy laps creates a random password of a defined hellip.

Local administrator password solution laps implementation hints and security nerd commentary including mini threat model hi jessica payne from microsoft enterprise cybersecurity groups global incident response and recovery team guest starring on the platforms pfe blog today credential theft is a major problem in the security landscape today.

Theres no built in group policy setting that can change the local administrators password for you however there is a group policy preference gpp that can do it for you changing the local administrator password on domain members has become pretty easy with the advent of group policy preferences.

Microsoft local administrator password solution laps enables organizations to manage local administrator passwords across all their endpoints when implemented correctly it is an effective way to prevent some types of potential lateral movement and privilege escalation within your environment mdash but when implemented incorrectly it can create a large opening for hellip.

If you have deployed laps or another local account password management solution and you want to use local accounts for the remote administration of windows computers you need to change three of the computer configuration settings that we recommend in the baselines for windows client and windows server in the member server role.

Laps local administrator password solution is a free and helpful tool that microsoft recommends for local administrator password management below you will find a step by step walkthrough to install and configure laps what is laps used for one of the most detrimental misconfigurations on a windows network is setting the same password for all hellip.

Managing local admin accounts using intune has a lot of quirks my tele colleague rudy ooms has already written extensively about this he also wrote a powershell solution to rotate a specific local admin rsquo s password and had the genius idea of using proactive remediations a mem feature to display passwords to admins integrated free in the intune console.

Write the new local administrator password to the ms mcs admpwd attribute in ad writes a new expiration date to ms mcs admpwdexpirationtime by using this clever yet simple method the domain computers stays even more secure setting up laps enough information let rsquo s get down to actually seeing what laps can do setting up laps is not.

This post is the second part of a two part series on configuring and deploying the microsoft local administrator password solution laps the first post covered the steps needed to configure active directory to support laps this post will cover the steps needed to enable the laps functionally on devices.

Microsoft rsquo s local administrator password solution laps is making a big splash in the active directory community by providing a simple secure and free solution to the age old question of how.

The acronym stands for the ldquo local administrator password solution rdquo the idea behind laps is that it allows for a piece of software to generate a password for the local administrator and then store that password in plain text in an active directory ad attribute.

If this setting is not set the password expiration time on a device could manually be set to be longer than the expiration period specified in the password settings setting name of administrator account to manage ndash this setting is optional by default laps will manage the password of the built in local administrator account if this.

One option is microsoft rsquo s local administrator password solution laps can change the local administrator password for domain joined machines but it is quite limited most notably hellip 1 laps requires an ad schema exchange this may not be an issue for your company but it is definitely a consideration.

Configuring local administrator password solution laps to accomplish this task creating and implementing a custom script or solution to randomize local account passwords see also the following resources provide additional information about technologies that are related to local accounts security principals security identifiers access.

The local administrator password solution laps provides management of local account passwords of domain joined computers 1 open the run box by pressing win r key then type netplwiz in the box.

The local administrator password solution laps provides management of local account passwords of domain joined computers jan 29 2020.

Ldquo and laps works with the local administrator account having another local account is no more secure too rdquo while the ldquo is no more secure rdquo part is technically true it rsquo s still a well known fact that using a local account instead of the builtin administrator is worth considering because that breaks attack and intelligence gathering vectors that aim for either hellip.

Update 25 august 2021 please note that this blog post dates from 2018 and there have been major updates to the azure components used in this solution currently more up to date and enhanced community tools are also available i would suggest looking into cloudlaps by nickolaja original content i rsquo m excited to introduce a serverless local hellip.

It rsquo s a shame there is still not an official microsoft solution to deal with this issue luckily you could make your own laps solution the laps reloaded revolutions ndash call4cloud and intune proactive remediations 5 application execution control aka applocker okay great your users are no longer local admin rsquo s if we want to meet the.

In this article this topic discusses how to migrate a windows server a windows failover cluster a samba server or a netapp fas array including their files and configuration to another windows server or windows failover cluster by using storage migration service and windows admin center migrating takes three steps once youve installed the service and hellip.

This first article will dip our toes into creating the word com object looking at sending text to word and adjusting some of the various fonts and styles to give you a stepping stone on what you can do i will be using word 2013 in this article so your mileage may vary if hellip.