New england is known for its white clam chowder which begins with a simple flour and butter roux when reserved clam juice is added the base becomes thick and creamy creating a luscious sauce for canned clams onions and potatoes add canned clams at the last minute cooking gently just until heated through.

This white clam sauce is heavenly lots of garlic olive oil white wine and clams tossed with al dente linguine for a delicious italian dinner made with mostly pantry ingredients this easy recipe is addictive quick enough for a weeknight dinner hellip.

White clam sauce i live on long island and have access to amazing fresh clams i have a son who can shuck a clam with the best of them dont get me wrong i love fresh clams but guess what this is my go to got to eat need food now clam sauce.

Red clam sauce is a wonderful italian seafood sauce to serve with linguine or your favorite pasta when most people think about clam sauce they imagine one based on butter and oil mdash delicious but loaded with fat and calories this clam sauce recipe takes things in a totally different direction.

Although many italian restaurants serve linguine alle vongole with fresh clams in the shell you can replicate the briny sweet flavor of this dish at home with convenient and readily available canned clams the chopped clams are quickly cooked along with onion garlic and parsley meaning this white clam sauce is ready in about 10 minutes mdash less time than it takes to hellip.

How to make clam dip in a mixing bowl beat cream cheese until smooth stir in sour cream garlic parsley worcestershire sauce and hot sauce stir in drained clams add reserved clam juice from the canned clams to thin the dip to desired consistency chill for 1 2 hours before serving serve with potato chips or crackers.

Pour in the white wine and bring to a simmer lower heat and reduce wine by about half drain the can of clams and set clams aside next add the progresso clam sauce and juice from the clams to pot and return to a simmer.

By this point your linguine should be just shy of the al dente stage ndash still a little chewy use some long tongs these silicone tipped tongs work great because they grip the pasta and transfer the linguine directly from the pot to the pan with the white clam sauce to simmer for a few minutes until the pasta finishes cooking don rsquo t worry about draining and rinsing the pasta hellip.

Key ingredients clams ndash minced clams keep this clam dip super creamy chopped clams are just too chunky in my opinion canned clams are readily available at most grocery stores cream cheese ndash i prefer a plain cream cheese in my clam dip but if you want to really play up the savory flavors you could try a garlic herb cream cheese sour cream ndash adds to the hellip.

Because crab cakes are both crispy and melt in your mouth soft remoulade sauce is the perfect fit according to miami beach based restaurant joes stone crab via james beard foundation remoulade is a very intricate sauce made up of 10 different herbs condiments and spices the good news is while the recipe may call for a long ingredient list theres really only hellip.

Mix clams sour cream cream cheese lemon juice worcestershire sauce and hot sauce in a medium bowl season with salt and pepper top hellip.

3 tomato paste the best time to add tomato paste is at the beginning of the recipe mdash heating it releases the essential oils and also caramelizes the sugars mdash but you can whisk it in near the end to help tomato based soups and sauces bind you could also add it to brown sauces or beef stews but since it adds a burst of color and tomato flavor we wouldn rsquo t hellip.

Cento white clam sauce didnt expect much but this is more than passable if youre craving a clam sauce too watery though the worlds best sauce is hellip.

These clam fritters are coated with an easy to make seasoned breading batter with chopped fresh veggies and fried in coconut oil enjoy this simple delicious seafood dinner after a clam dig or buy clams frozen and add a salad for a quick nutritious meal westport washington is one of the best razor clam beaches in united states the razor.

You guys this easy seafood pasta with white wine butter sauce is unreal the best part it rsquo s so unbelievably easy throw in some shellfish white wine butter and clam sauce and let it works it rsquo s magic try this for the next time you rsquo re trying to impress your guests.